Trust Evo-rx Advanced mus RF trådløs+Bluetooth Optisk 3000 dpi Højre hånd
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Work naturally
Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Evo-RX Wireless Mouse, you can effortlessly work or study for hours, at home or in the office. The natural shape, unique side structure and rubber coating of this mouse make sure your grip remains firm while working for longer periods of time.

Accurate control
The ergonomic and comfortable design of this mouse is combined with an advanced, high-tech tracking sensor that works flawlessly on any surface, even on glass. With its 3.000 DPI accuracy, this mouse allows you to get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Multiple connections
The Evo-RX can be connected to your devices in multiple ways. Connect up to two devices via Bluetooth and use the USB micro receiver to connect another device. You can now easily switch between three different devices such as PC, laptop and tablet with one click of a button.

Rechargeable battery
The Evo-RX comes with a rechargeable battery. Use the mouse up to 30 days* on a single charge and when empty, simply connect the included USB-C cable. You can even continue working while recharging the mouse! The LED lights will show you the battery status so you always know when it is time to recharge the mouse.

* Battery life may vary on user and computing conditions

Extra buttons
The mouse has several extra buttons, all designed to make your work more efficient. The extra scroll wheel on the side of the mouse allows you to scroll quickly through wide documents or PowerPoints. Use the dedicated button to change the speed of your cursor and the LED lights will indicate the selected level.
Enhed, interfaceRF trådløs+Bluetooth
Bevægelsessensor teknologiOptisk
Scroll typeHjul
Antal knapper8
Knap typeTrykte knapper
Bevægelsesopløsning3000 dpi
Justerbar bevægelsesopløsningJa
Antal opløsningsmåder4
Knap-funktionerTilbage, DPI-kontakt, Forlæns
Antal scroll hjul1
Retninger for scrollLodret
Frekvensbånd2.4 GHz
Bluetooth udgave3.0
FormfaktorHøjre hånd
Farve på produktSort
Ergonomisk designetJa
Trådløs rækkevidde8 m
BatteritypeIndbygget batteri
Batteriets levetid2 måned(er)
Understøttede Windows operativsystemerJa
Understøttede Mac operativsystemerJa
Andre understøttede operativsystemerKrom
Bredde85,8 mm
Dybde48,1 mm
Højde152,8 mm
Vægt150 g
Modtager inkluderetJa
Trådløs modtager, interfaceUSB
Modtager, typeMicro receiver