Ozone Ground Level S Sort Gaming musemåtte
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Ozone Ground Level
Ozone Ground Level is a serie of mouse pads designed with gaming in mind. There are lots of different mouse pads in the market and finding the best is not an easy task. Ground Level mouse pads have a soft cloth surface with perfect texture for speed glide, and it's the right material for low noise and high comfort use.

perfect grip
The base is in rubber foam that assures the best grip so you don't have to move it or correct its position when you're in the middle of the action. With a minimalistic and elegant design, nothing will get in your way.

Choose your Size
Ground Level is available in three different sizes so you can choose the one that adapts best to your gaming style.

- Soft cloth for a perfect glide
- Perfect texture for the best grip
- Advanced rubber base
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Overflade farvningMonoton
MaterialeSkum, Gummi
Skridsikker bundJa
Bredde250 mm
Dybde210 mm
Tykkelse2 mm
Antal pr pakke1 stk
Bredde (emballage)38 mm
Dybde (emballage)218 mm
Højde (emballage)38 mm
Pakke vægt125 g