Gear4U Rook PC gamingstol Polstret sæde Sort, Grøn
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Comfort you'll remember
Introducing Rook as one of our newest chairs. We have designed this gaming chair with extra comfort, for the gamer who enjoys spending several hours in front of the PC. We strive to become the gamer’s best friend, and always provide products of the quality.

Quality that matters
The Rook chairs are produced with the most comfortable materials, without compromising its design. With 4 different colors, we have assured the user a variety of different designs, making sure to suit our customers’ needs.

The Rook chair is built on a wooden frame and covered with strong and durable PU leather and partly recycled denisty foam. It’s fitted with a class 2 gas piston and 5 wheels at the base with matte legs.

Because we value great Design
We always try to make the best product we can, and this time was no different. We
carefully designed the chair with the enthusiastic gamer in mind. The gamer that puts in
the hours in front of the screen 'n h' or her favourite game.

We personally know how miserable you get after long hours in the wrong chair. It's a most
unbearable and take out the fun in gaming. With the Rook you don't have to worry about
your back hurting after a gaming session you will be totally focused and in the game.

We guarentee
Our promise to you; you won't regret getting the Rook. It's a solid chair with features built
for the casual user. But, if you are not satisfied with your Rook chair, we have plenty other
chairs that most definetly will meet you demands.
ProdukttypePC gamingstol
Understøttede gaming platformePC
Maksimal bruger vægt150 kg
Sæde, typePolstret sæde
Ryglæn, typePolstret ryglæn
Ramme, farveSort
Ramme, materialeTræ
Sæde, farveSort, Grøn
Farve på ryglænSort, Grøn
Ryglæn materialePolyurethan (PU)
Armlæn typeForet armlæn
Gaslift klasse2
Antal hjul5 hjul
Bredde550 mm
Dybde380 mm
Højde (maks.)134 cm