PanzerGlass 7175 skærmbeskyttelse Klar skærmbeskytter Mobiltelefon/smartpone Samsung 1 stk
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In PanzerGlass protection always comes first.

The Samsung S10/S10+ will have a new ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader meaning only screen protectors less than 0.2 mm will work with the sensor.

Our PanzerGlass is usually around 0.5 mm to 0.6 mm for our Samsung series and will therefore not work with the sensor.

The user will still be able to access the phone through the face-scanner or by typing a code on the display. PanzerGlass has decided to bring the strongest possible screen protector to the market and focused on protecting the screen.

All other phone features besides the fingerprint works when applying a PanzerGlass.

PanzerGlass™ Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protector with Curved Edges represents the most advanced protection and finish available. A PanzerGlass™ screen protector with curved edges has the same core features as the original PanzerGlass™ but has undergone a heating and bending process in order to match the curves from the original phone which will help optimise impact protection around the more vulnerable corners and edges.

Our PanzerGlass™ Curved glass screen protectors have full frame fit and come in a variety of colours matching either the original design of the device or an individual personal preference. It features an optimised adhesive and anti-shatter film.
TypeKlar skærmbeskytter
Brand kompatibilitetSamsung
KompabilitetGalaxy S10
Touch screen kompatibelJa
BeskyttelsesfunktionerRidseresistent, Stødresistent
MaterialeHærdet glas
Fingeraftryk resistentJa
Antal pr. pakke1 stk