PanzerGlass P2658 skærmbeskyttelse Anti-genskin skærmbeskytter Mobiltelefon/smartpone Apple 1 stk
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PanzerGlass Edge-to-Edge Apple iPhone XS Max Privacy screen protector is a case-friendly screen protector made of flat tempered glass and covers the entire front surface of the device.

“The World’s first and only dual privacy screen protector with a smooth built-in camera cover to give you all your privacy needs in one high performance product”

Simply slide left or right to block or open your camera.
The glass features a confidentiality filter, that renders the content of your display almost invisible to everyone except you. At the same time, it reduces blue light and features an anti-glare coating, that reduces light reflections.

The shape of the screen protector is optimised to maximise protection while maintaining functionality and ease of use.

All edges are carefully rounded and polished and PanzerGlass Edge-to-Edge screen protectors are furthermore coated with an anti-fingerprint layer to maintain and secure an excellent touch and feel from the original glass.

- Original PanzerGlass tempered glass screen protector
- Confidentiality filter
- Shock resistant (0.33- 0.4 mm glass)
- Scratch resistant
- Full frame coverage
- Oleophobic layer (antibacterial + anti-fingerprint)
- 100% touch preservation
- Anti-glare coating (reduces light reflection)
- Blue light reduction
TypeAnti-genskin skærmbeskytter
Brand kompatibilitetApple
KompabilitetiPhone XS Max
Maksimal skærmstørrelse, kompabilitet16,5 cm (6.5")
Touch screen kompatibelJa
BeskyttelsesfunktionerRidseresistent, Stødresistent
Farve på produktSort
MaterialeHærdet glas
Afrundede kanterJa
Funktion til beskyttelse af privatlivJa
Fingeraftryk resistentJa
Antal pr. pakke1 stk
Tykkelse0,4 mm