• HP Business Inkjet 1000, 1200, 2200, 2230, 2250, 2280, 2600 and 2800 Printer series, HP Designjet 500, 500PS, 510, 800, and 800PS, 10ps, 20ps, 50 ps, 70 and 120 Printers, HP Color Inkjet cp1700 Printer, and HP Designjet Copier cc800ps, and HP Officejet Pro K850 Color Printer series
  • Termisk inkjet
  • Gul
  • C4813A
  • Singapore
549,00 DKK
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  • HP DesignJet T610 Printer series, T620 Printer series, T770 Printer series, T1100 Printer series, T1200 Printer series, HP DesignJet T1200 HD Multifunction Printer, HP DesignJet T2300 eMFP, HP DesignJet T790 ePrinter series, HP DesignJet T1300 ePrinter series
  • Termisk inkjet
  • Ingen
  • Grå, Foto sort
  • C9380A
711,64 DKK
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  • HP's printhead technology, designed together with HP 88 inks, delivers crisp, black text and vibrant color with pinpoint accuracy. And innovative HP Smart technology<sup>[1]</sup> in HP supplies and the printer ensures professional results, every time.
  • To keep pace with you, the HP 88 Printhead is designed together with HP 88 inks to produce consistent, high-quality results, even at fast print speeds. With the reliability and quality of HP, you get an excellent value.
  • HP reliability means low maintenance, trouble-free printing. With HP printing supplies save time—and increase your productivity.
749,00 DKK
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  • HP Designjet T610, T620, T770, T1100, T1200, HP Designjet T1200 HD, HP Designjet T2300 eMFP, HP Designjet T790, HP Designjet T1300
  • Inkjet
  • Mat sort, Gul
  • C9384A
  • 28 mm  Bredde
999,00 DKK
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  • Officejet Pro 8600
  • Inkjet
1599,00 DKK
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  • HP DesignJet T120 and HP DesignJet T520 ePrinter series
  • Inkjet
  • Sort, Blå, Magenta, Gul
  • C1Q10A
  • Singapore
1799,00 DKK
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  • IPF6200, IPF700, IPF710, IPF8000, IPF610, IPF600, IPF8100, IPF500, IPF9000, IPF6000, IPF5000, IPF6100, IPF5100, IPF820, IPF720, IPF9100, IPF810, IPF605
  • Inkjet
3999,00 DKK
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