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INTEL Core i5-8600K 3,6GHz LGA 1151

Varenummer: BX80684I58600K
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    Get Unprecedented Power and Responsiveness
    Now everyday computer tasks can happen faster. Edit photos and videos seamlessly. Move between programs and windows quickly. Multi-task easily. Better still, all that performance comes with up to 10 hours of battery life, so you can take your computer wherever you go without worrying about cords and plug points.

    Make Your Computer an Entertainment Center
    Get an amazing entertainment hub—stream 4K UHD videos, power virtual reality, and play the most demanding games. With 4x more pixels on screen than traditional HD, you can enjoy sharp, lifelike visuals, complex shading, and fast frame rates—all with virtually no stuttering, buffering, or lags. And be ready for revolutionary immersive experiences yet to come.

    Easy to Use, Hard to Break Into
    Built-in security adds a critical layer of protection to make password logins, browsing, and online payments safe and simple. You can log on with a look, your voice, or your fingerprint for rock-solid security that’s fast and hassle free. Store passwords, personal information, and auto-fill information with one master password. Plus touch screen, voice commands, and stylus options offer natural and intuitive interactions.

    Thunderbolt™ 3 Technology
    Remove the burden of multiple cables and get one compact port that does it all - power your PC, transfer data, and connect with dual 4K UHD displays.

    Intel® Graphics Technology
    Immerse yourself in vivid entertainment with the brilliance of Intel® Graphics Technology.

    Intel® Online Connect
    With Intel® Online Connect, security is built-in 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and above, which adds a layer of protection to make browsing and online payments safe and simple.

    Intel® Optane™ Technology
    Eliminating bottlenecks requires better storage memory that is fast, inexpensive, and non-volatile. With Intel® Optane™ technology, you can unleash the power of your processor instead of it working at a fraction of it.
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